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10069X - Ambition, Revenge, and Wrath

emerging from the darkness...

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10 days since my last post, here's an update to my KuroBasu fancomic translations:

2 comics inspired by EP14 ending card
Pairing: Aomine/Kuroko
Rating: PG

Artist: マルイ
Pairing: KISEKI/Midorima
Rating: PG
*just a set of images with text

Original Title: うわさばなし
Pairing: Takao/Midorima
Rating: PG

Original Title: いつから
Pairing: Aomine/Kuroko
Rating: PG

Artist: ごはん
Characters: KISEKI + Momoi
Rating: PG

Original Title: 5秒間てわりと長い
Characters: Takao/Midorima
Rating: PG

Original Title: あまいもの
Characters: Murasakibara/Midorima
Rating: PG

Aaaaaand, I actually got my KuroBasu Official Fanbook Characters Bible a few days ago so I translated some parts:

Kiseki no Himitsu (Secret of the Miracles) - Interview with the Generation of Miracles
Takao Kazunari's Profile
Kiseki no Sedai + α Compatibility Diagnosis (Find your appropriate partner in basketball!)

I pretty much hid my Characters Bible to prevent it from wearing out too quickly, but if there are any more translation requests regarding the fanbook, I can always take it out again~

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Oh boy! Thanks for sharing. I love Midorima and Takao so much.

Thank you for the translations ♥!

This post is reallly helpful, thank you a lot! I'd love to read more comic strip like this xD.
Your tumblr is like a little treasure box to me ^^
It's not related, but I love the font you use for text in this layout, is it Century Gothic?

Oh, thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoy my translations. (*v*)

Yes, it's Century Gothic,

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